The Port Olímpic project

The Port Olímpic of Barcelona has started a change based of 4 pillars that will mark its recovery for the citizens: a public space open to everybody, sailing, the blue economy and gastronomy.


Built in 1990 to host the sailing competitions of the Barcelona '92 Olympic Games, the Port Olímpic has become an emblematic space of the city.

Its leisure offer and its privileged location - between the beaches of Somorrostro and Nova Icària, at the foot of unique buildings such as the Mapfre Tower or the Arts Hotel and the renowned sculpture by Frank Gehry - make it a place of enjoyment for the citizens, a point of attraction for people visiting the city and a meeting space for lovers of water sports.

After 30 years of history, the Olympic Port is taking a new direction in 2020. Social changes, new urban and civic habits and the improvement of infrastructure make it necessary to take action to integrate the port into the city and transform it into a safe and quality public space, linked to the sea and that everyone can enjoy. .

A space committed to the environment and sustainability, open to the sea and the city, generating opportunities.

A meeting point for those who love and enjoy the sea.

The major transformation of Port Olímpic, which will involve a total investment of more than 40 million euros, will take place over the next 6 years without stopping the daily activity that takes place there.

The Port Olímpic is a firm commitment of Barcelona City Council to the transformation of Barcelona’s coastline, with the vision of being reborn as a new city space and a place of reference that connects the sea with the city.

Dos joves gaudeixen de la nàutica d'oci en una embarcació


A new space where the sea and the city meet


One of the main objectives of the project is to improve the accessibility of the Port Olímpic and its integration with the city, with more areas for public meetings that allow to enhance the social and daily uses of citizens, especially the district of Sant Martí.

The new actions will create spaces for work, for walking and for sports, thus becoming a meeting point that will turn the Port Olímpic into a new space of enjoyment for the citizens and for the visitors of Barcelona.

These actions include:


  • Creation of a new access that will connect the Litoral Avenue with the lower level of the Mestral Dock, thus improving continuity with the neighborhoods of Vila Olímpica and Parc del Port Olímpic.

  • Removal of the terraces of the Mestral Dock and refurbishment of the space for the recovery of more than 10,000 m2 for walking and sports.

Proposta nou accès
Zona d'estada al Moll de Mestral del Port Olímpic


A PORT of nautical dissemination and accessible and sustainable sports promotion

The popularization of sailing is one of the strategic pillars of the Port Olímpic. The actions are aimed at boosting leisure and recreational sailing, training, professional sailing and water sports.

  • Application of accessible tariff policies, which prioritize vessels of shorter length and with bonuses based on sustainability criteria.

  • Renovation of the facilities of the Municipal Sailing Center, with the aim of having a space to encourage the training and practice of sport, especially among the youngest.

Embarcacions avarades al moll del Port Olímpic


A new pole of economic activity linked to the sea

Another strategic pillar is to promote a new model of uses and activities focused on the blue economy, understood as a sea-linked economy, non-polluting, resource efficient and based on sustainable production and consumption models.

In this way, the Port Olímpic will become a new point of daily, productive, sustainable and innovative activity that will make it a living port, open 365 days a year, with activities accessible to all and connected to the public.


  • Recovery of the spaces occupied by nightlife at the  Mestral Dock for the opening of new premises aimed at the blue economy.

  • Integral rehabilitation of offices and storerooms located in the Shelter Dike.

  • Urbanization of the Shelter Dike with the generation of two new intermediate accesses, which will connect the promenade area of the City elevation with the Port elevation.

Vianants i Port Olímpic



A gastronomic proposal of quality and mediterranean

The fourth pillar revolves around the gastronomic offer of the Port Olímpic, which, since its inception, has been part of the equipment’s identity.

The Port Olímpic will become a space where tradition and innovation come together, a meeting point to enjoy a healthy diet with a Mediterranean taste.

The gastronomic space located on the Gregal Dock maintains its commitment to Mediterranean cuisine, linked to the sea, thus helping the Port Olímpic to remain a living space during the transformation period.




The TRANSFORMAtion of PORT OLÍMPIC, with criteria of public management and sustainability


The focus of this criterion lies in the improvement of the quality of life of the citizens from a leading management with commitment, integrity, cooperation, innovation and excellence.

The management of the Port Olímpic is close to the citizens and guarantees the safety of people and facilities, formulates accessible price policies and is committed to the improvement, conservation and maintenance of the city's heritage.

Col·locació dels blocs de formigó per reforçar els dics submergits del Port Olímpic


On the other hand, the Port Olímpic will be an innovative port in environmental management and aligned with the objectives of sustainable development ODS 2030 such as:

Blocs naturalitzats per a recuperar la biodiversitat del litoral barceloní