Port Olímpic regulates night access to improve security

With the aim of guaranteeing the tranquility and good coexistence of the users of the facilities, the Port Olímpic has launched a new night access system that will allow greater control over the security of the space.

Thus, as of Tuesday, September 21, the accesses to the Port Olímpic through Marina Street (A) and through the Gregal Pier (B) will remain closed -both entry and exit- in the following time slots:


  • WINTER SCHEDULE (October 1 - April 30): 1 am - 7  am.

  • SUMMER SCHEDULE (May 1 - September 30): 1 am - 6 am.


During these night regulation hours, only people and/or vehicles with accreditation will be allowed access through the access enabled on the Marina street ramp (C).
Customers of the Port Olímpic restaurants will also be able to access this route up to 30 minutes before the restaurant centers close.


Mapa dels accessos de Port Olímpic tancats durant la nit (carrer Marina i Moll de Gregal) i de l'únic accés que romandrà obert (Rampa de Carrer Marina)