The works to improve the mooring train and rearrange the moorings are complete

This February, the improvement works on the Olympic Port mooring train have been completed to improve the safety of the boats and the comfort of the users, as they are elements that receive a lot of wear and tear over time due to inclement weather. meteorological conditions, the salinity of the marine environment and the weight of the vessels.

Many of the dead that make up the anchor line have also been replaced and the guide mooring system has been changed, with a double one being installed to make it easier to place the pattern and prevent it from sticking between the guides themselves.

These adaptation works have made it possible to rearrange the moorings, to adapt their width and to guarantee the current needs of the hoses of the ships. Thus, the fleet has been reorganized in the docks of Marina, Mestral and Gregal by type and according to the needs of users to improve safety, comfort and convenience, offering more space to each boat.

Reforma del tren de fondatge al Port Olímpic