The Port Olímpic has 756 berths for boats ranging from 7 to 30 metres in length. Within this offering we reserve the berths required by visiting mariners who want to dock temporarily at the Port Olímpic.

Nautical sector professionals have 39 facilities at their disposal ranging from 45 to 90 m² – ideal for carrying out their activities (sales area, offices, workshops, etc.) with the guarantee of port users nearby as well as other nautical sector end users in Barcelona and the surrounding area.

In addition to the port’s own services, we also have 187 storerooms, between 6 and 15 m², on the seawall to meet the additional storage needs of berth users.

Both private users and professionals coming here will find a port undergoing change and constant improvements to its infrastructure and services.

Its extraordinary location and accessibility make it an outstanding facility that will satisfy your needs.

Would you like to apply for your berth or storeroom? Check the rates on this web page.




Amarrador Port Olímpic


On 3 April 2020 a new contract model was introduced offering preferential usage rights for the short and medium term.


  • Environmentally-friendly boats are encouraged, by giving preference to those that do not produce emissions.

  • Short- to medium-term contracts are offered to uphold the established uses and harmonious sharing.

  • A supply of shared sailboats is being promoted, in line with the policy to decrease vehicle ownership, reduce pollution and create equal opportunities.

  • Accessibility to berths, services and public spaces are being improved to ensure an inclusive facility.