The storm tests the new Port Olímpic's barrier


Due to the arrival of storm Celia in Barcelona, ​​the Olympic Port has increased its vigilance and strengthened the moorings of the entire fleet so that they remain in the best conditions. The storm has been a great opportunity to see the new barrier in action, which helps reduce the phenomenon of overtaking and increases the safety of the facilities.

This action has also been moved to the seafront with the placement of 2,000 concrete blocks to reinforce the four submerged dikes that act as a barrier prior to the main one. Some of these concrete blocks have been greened with the collaboration of the Barcelona Zoo with the aim of favoring the marine biome and enhancing more productive natural systems.

Storm Celia has arrived in Barcelona this week and Barcelona City Council has activated the Basic Emergency Plan for the poor state of the sea, with waves exceeding 3 meters. Citizens are advised not to approach beaches or breakwaters while waving the red flag.

Onada al botaones del Port Olímpic

Wave hits the new barrier of the Olympic Port, which protects the facilities from storms. 

Nou botaones Port Olímpic

Detail of the new Olympic Port barrier

Mapa de les actuacions als dics submergits del Port Olímpic

 The four submerged dikes act as a pre-barrier with 2,000 concrete blocks.